Sages Cottage Farm – Operations Building

We were presented with a project originally designed by a group of TAFE students. Our client wanted to use that work as the basis for a revised design. The building is to serve as both an operations centre and function space for Sages Cottage Farm, a community farm located on the Mornington Peninsula. The location of the building sought to minimise interference with views to the heritage listed farm house while providing a focal point for farm operations.

Glazing to the north and west sides of the administration area enables visual surveillance of farm visitors. A stone fireplace recalls the atmosphere of the current administration area (located within the farmhouse). A requirement of the brief was to visually separate the administration and function spaces this was achieved with a visual difference in the roof forms with the entry and circulation area within the centre delineated by lesser roof.

Sustainability was a priority with natural light and cross ventilation used to minimise the need for artificial lights and mechanical ventilation. Generous decks to the north side allow for functions to spill outside with views of the farm complex to be had. Sustainable devices employed include rainwater harvesting and solar power.

Construction: Habitech Systems
Size: 200m2
Location: Baxter
Materials: Habitech structural insulated wall panels and Kingspan insulated roof.

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