7 Architecture Facts – YouTube Series

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Building a house in stages

Building a House in Stages: Good Idea or Destined for Disaster?

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Bower House – Houzz Tour

Bower House, house tour on Houzz. A bit more about how the home came to be.  Also another article on Decoist. Houzz Tour: A New Take on the Aussie Tin Shed

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Environmental building, a fusion of ideas

Nest we grow (Kengo Kuma & Associates + University of Berkeley) is a fusion of Japanese and Californian design traditions with an emphasis on the materiality of timber. The community building, located in Japan, will be used as a centre for the appreciation of local foods. The timber detailing here is great – further information […]

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‘How much to draw something up?’

In reality there is no straightforward answer to this. In simple terms, we provide a service rather than a product (drawings). Are they drawings of a few ideas that you have, are they drawings for Council approval, or are they drawings for a builder to build your home? What will the drawings be used for? […]

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Renovation Design – Part 2 The site, its context and existing conditions

To begin designing your project we need to know what is on the site and on those properties sharing your boundaries, the sites context. We begin by taking levels around the house and site boundaries. This gives us information which we use to establish how the floor levels of the house relate to the fall […]

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What is BIM?

We first began using two dimensional computer aided drafting software in 1989. Prior to that all projects had been designed and drafted by hand using traditional drawing methods of pencil or ink on tracing paper. The capabilities of the computer provided us with an electronic drawing board and a series of convoluted add-ons to the […]

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Renovations – Part 1, considering the existing

In the case of designing a renovation the addition always involves the re-consideration or re-imagination of the existing building: new or old, which part has the priority? Do we stand the addition in contrast to the old, or does it recede into the background? Is it possible for the existing building through its layout, room […]

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The Planning Application Process

We are often asked about the Planning Application process, generally in light of people having heard stories about council delays. We are committed to making the planning process quicker and as easy as possible for homeowners, builders and developers. The following may help as an introduction to the process. What is the difference between building […]

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