Frequently asked questions

What do you do?
Design buildings and create the documents which allow them to be built. Our work includes small subdivision and signage applications for planning approval.

Do I need council approval?
In some cases, before construction can begin, a permit issued by a local council may be required. This need can be triggered by a host of issues such as a Heritage Overlay, a Significant Vegetation Overlay or a Special Building Overlay.

As part of the pre-design stage we identity if your project requires a local council permit and what constraints may be imposed on your property as a result of these local council rules and regulations.

What are overlays?
Every property falls within a planning zone. The zoning imposes controls on land use and building, this is known as use and development. Overlay controls are in addition to the zoning. Overlays may be specific to a property or to a precinct. Our blog post here dicsusses permit requirements in greater detail.

Can we see the house in 3d?
Yes, we use the most up to date design and documentation software (Autodesk Revit 2016). We are experimenting with ways to give you access to the model and look around the project on your computer.

What are your fees?
We will work with you and agree on a fee based on your requirements and the services you need.  The basis of the fee can vary, depending on the type and complexity of the project. For the majority of projects we work simply as an agreed fixed sum, which is apportioned to stages over the project.

When do we pay you?
Invoices are sent at the completion of each project stage, or for larger projects – monthly. Our terms are seven days.

Are there any other costs?
This again is dependent upon what work is proposed and how complex it is. Aside from the our fee, your project may require the input of specialist consultants such as a structural engineer or a quantity surveyor, on larger projects, who will monitor costs.

At the least, most projects require a structural engineer and a soil report. Depending upon the project’s location an assessment of the bushfire attack level (BAL) may be needed. For new homes and substantial alterations to existing homes an energy rating will be needed. There will also be fees for building and planning permit applications.

Our fee is exclusive of these costs, we will however identify what is required and tell you what should be budgeted for. As a rough guide you should allow:

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