‘How much to draw something up?’

In reality there is no straightforward answer to this. In simple terms, we provide a service rather than a product (drawings). Are they drawings of a few ideas that you have, are they drawings for Council approval, or are they drawings for a builder to build your home?

What will the drawings be used for?

In essence, what is the something, where and what is it and who is it for? What is it that you want your building to do?

The realisation of the built work is a complex process which starts with lines, numbers and words on sheets of paper and concludes with a structure built for living in – your home. Producing construction documents (what we call working drawings) is an important part of the process, but that part cannot be seen in isolation.

Construction documents are a detailed and organised set of drawings, schedules and specifications that record the decisions made and the information gathered during the design process between you and us. The drawings need to be the result of a process which among other things, considers how you will use the new spaces. Therefore, before we get to construction we first have to talk about the design.

The design process considers and tests a variety of scenarios based upon your brief. Designing looks towards finding a simple solution to the design problem. Overlaid with this is the reality of holding the house up (structure), applying regulations and space parameters (furniture sizes, room dimensions). The output is a drawing from which more work will evolve.

Quoting a fee depends on the scope of the services that you need us to provide. Every project is different, as clients, sites, building needs and Council requirements vary – we must take them all into account when developing a fee proposal.

As an example, an addition to a house which is located in a heritage area (so it needs Planning Approval from the Council) would require three sets of drawings each with a different amount and type of information: design concept drawings; drawings for planning approval; and working drawings (to obtain a building permit and for the builder to build from)

So, in answer to the original question: yes, we can provide the drawings you need for your project, but before we can tell you what the drawings will cost we will need to ask you a few questions.

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