Founded by Peter Wood in 2001, Inspace designs community buildings, offices and small renovation projects through to new homes. Peter brings a strong interest in heritage buildings together with a modern regionalist design aesthetic which uses familiar local forms and materials within modern open floor plans and simple detailing.  We specialise in sustainable, energy efficient and heritage building projects. 

We are enthusiastic about energy efficient design and the creation of thermally comfortable spaces. Our designs pay attention to orientation, insulation and seasonal climate variability. We encourage the inclusion of outdoor rooms and courtyard designs which work well in our climate.

Our aim is to create buildings that use less power, are open, bright, warm, functional and economical. We achieve this through a consistent design process which strives to be:


We create digital 3D models for each project. This technology (referred to as BIM, building information modelling) enables us to construct a virtual model of the project, reducing the potential for construction problems on site – as well as giving our clients an accurate impression of their project before it is built.

The principal of the practice, Peter Wood holds a Masters degree in architecture in addition to degrees in building, planning and construction management.

Our  frequently asked questions page answers some common queries – please contact us should you require any further information.


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